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Cavi Lipo can do wonders for you, especially if you are afraid of undergoing surgery but still want to get the results of what is known as liposuction. Fat removal can help those who have been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight and who may need some intervention and help.

At Transforming Beauty Spa we only offer services that we know to be safe and successful. From our Cavi Lipo service to our facial therapy, we want our clients to know that they have no need to fear when they choose us as their beauty providers. Our procedures are safe and non invasive, and you will be amazed at how painless Cavi Lipo is. From removing fat on your waist and back to other problem areas, you will discover that this cosmetic procedure is permanent and will work wonders.

Have you found yourself discouraged after years of dieting and exercising only to discover that if fat wants to be stubborn it will be stubborn? Have you given it your all, but you still have not achieved your desired results? There is no reason to be ashamed that you may need to see a weight clinic professional. We understand the struggle, and we are here to help you reach your goals.

While Cavi Lipo can help kick-start weight loss, we do encourage our clients to also make a commitment to keep on living healthily to avoid the return of excess weight. Cavi Lipo is a safe procedure and is not as invasive as traditional liposuction techniques as we use ultrasound technology to achieve the results.

From half an inch to up to three inches, Cavi Lipo in Hicksville, NY can and will make a difference. All you have to do is get in touch with us today to find out if this modern fat removal technique is right for you. Call now to set up a consultation. You will not regret it!

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